Introducing Medishop: Free Flutter App Template

Hello everyone, I hope you are safe and doing well. I recently started working on an app template for a medicine shop in Flutter just for fun. I named it Medishop and designed a logo for it too. This app includes a login screen, signup screen, home screen, checkout order screen, etc.

I have open-sourced the project under MIT license and it is free to use. I think it can serve as a base if you're starting a new project. You can simply clone the project and start building on top of it.

Next, I'll be adding more screens like recent orders, addresses, profile screens, etc. I will also try to add some nice animation to it. I think it's a good learning ground and I would love to have you contribute to this project if you're willing to learn with me. 😄

Let me know if you like the project. Feel free to reach out for collaboration, suggestions on what can be added, or point out if something can be improved. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 👋

You can connect with me on Twitter @iamsureshsharma.

If you have read so far, can you please drop a star to Medishop on GitHub? I am sure it will motivate me to contribute more to open-source. Thanks 😊

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Fredy Solano's photo

Hola, congrats for your template, I cloned your project but it didn't work. I need the model for it to work.

Suresh Sharma's photo

I've updated readme with how to run guide, can you please try again